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      Why Hire Our EA ?
 About Our EA
 Why Hire Our
 Executive Assistants?
 Service Highlights
real affordable executive assistant for every one
    Savings of $84690 per
 (80.52% Savings)
    Professional Executive     Assistant at a fractional     cost
    Do what you need to do-     when you need to
    Support for Global     Business
    A FREE Phone & Fax line
• Professional Executive   Assistant for Everyone
Range of Skills
Multiple foreign   languages support
Service Flexibility
  (Any Time Zone Any Day)
Assured Rate during    contract period


1. Does the executive assistant possess the ability to understand my business     priorities so that she can function efficiently?

2. How do I ensure that the privacy and integrity of my data is protected?

3. In case of sudden absence of the executive assistant, how do I ensure the     continuity of my business commitments and scheduled tasks?

4. What kind of technical support do we get?

5. What kind of training is provided to the Executive Assistants?

6. Will CXODNA BPO be able to successfully address the issue of cultural     diversity?

7. Does CXODNA possess long-term viability?

8. Will outsourcing to CXODNA mean I lose control over my processes?

9. Does CXODNA attract and retain high quality people?

10. Does CXODNA possess the ability to understand my business, so that I can       outsource effectively?

11. Will outsourcing be cost effective/ justified in the long-term?

12. Does CXODNA have adequate infrastructure to support my business       processes?

13. Will CXODNA help me address and facilitate organizational change?

14. Does CXODNA provide robust business continuity planning?

15. How does CXODNA ensure effective knowledge transfer in order to execute
      my processes efficiently?

16. What contracts constitute the working agreement?

17. What are the pricing Models that you offer?

18. How is an agreement entered into?

19. What is procedure for extension of a contract?

20. How is the executive assistant monitored? Is this completely up to the client?

21. If we the client has to train your resource on our systems, software etc., how       would the training process work?

22. Would it be possible to set up an e-mail account through our company and       have them use that for e-mail communication?

..Look no further-  

Hire an

cxodna executive assistant
            Experiencing is Believing!




• CXODNA expands North    American operations
• CXODNA opens for    business in EMEA
• CXODNA now provides    Executive Assistants with    European and Japanese    language skills

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