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      Why Hire Our EA ?
 About Our EA
 Why Hire Our
 Executive Assistants?
 Service Highlights
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    Savings of $84690 per
 (80.52% Savings)
    Professional Executive     Assistant at a fractional     cost
    Do what you need to do-     when you need to
    Support for Global     Business
    A FREE Phone & Fax line
• Professional Executive   Assistant for Everyone
Range of Skills
Multiple foreign   languages support
Service Flexibility
  (Any Time Zone Any Day)
Assured Rate during    contract period


5. What kind of training is provided to the Executive       Assistants?

Our Executive Assistants will have the following skill sets: Excellent communication skills (oral and written), creativity, resourcefulness and an internal/external customer service orientation are essential, in order to communicate effectively with all levels of the organization, as well as with outside clients, allies and VIPs. They are proactive and confident, with a willingness to offer input, and to contribute and defend ideas. Good secretarial skills such as typing and shorthand and some basic knowledge of office procedures. Basic computer knowledge and the ability to work independently. They would be thoroughly briefed about the nature of the work and how to be in contact and work with the client. We also have a full time Corporate Trainer on board who constantly works with our employees in areas such as corporate communication and business etiquettes. We also have a practice of conducting "Knowledge sharing sessions" every week for sharing of insights gained. In addition- they will be trained in any specific areas as required by your job needs.

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