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• Professional Executive   Assistant for Everyone
Range of Skills
Multiple foreign   languages support
Service Flexibility
  (Any Time Zone Any Day)
Assured Rate during    contract period
real affordable executive assistant for every one
    Savings of $84690 per
 (80.52% Savings)
    Professional Executive     Assistant at a fractional     cost
    Do what you need to do-     when you need to
    Support for Global     Business
    A FREE Phone & Fax line

ENTERPRISING, ARTISTIC are the traits that set our Executive Assistants way ahead of the run of the mill secretarial professionals who are like the proverbial dime a dozen. Our Executive Assistant is not the Number One person you need every day when you wake-up in the morning but the ONLY ONE you need to take care of all your business & personal needs in the most efficient manner. 


Our ENTERPRISING Executive Assistant takes initiative to undertake new untried projects: she is energetic; imaginative; ambitious, enthusiastic, persuasive and confident; enjoys leading, motivating and persuading others and being productive. She thrives in an intense and fast-paced environment; has excellent communication & organizational skills

Our Artistic Executive Assistant is self-expressive and gets done your work without following a clear set of rules.

… Our Executive Assistant is indeed the CXO DNA!!!

Are you the… .

  • Always on the go… Sales professional who would like to have expert organizational help to keep your schedules and priorities sorted out for you….
  • Scheming mergers and acquisitions…. Corporate professional who wants an able assistant to be as the right hand to give you support in your busiest deals….
  • Loaded with vision and ambition … Entrepreneur who wants a brainy assistant to bring out the practical reality from your drawing board visions….
  • Sharp and brainy… Consultant who needs an efficient assistant to maintain office functions…
….Look no further-  

Hire an

cxodna executive assistant
            Experiencing is Believing!




• CXODNA expands North American operations
• CXODNA opens for business in EMEA
• CXODNA now provides Executive Assistants with European and Japanese language skills

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